Friday, January 8, 2010

Cooking demonstrations

DIR has identified that many women in the bustee associate the cost of food with its nutritional value - and believe that expensive processed food is inherently better than fresh produce.

Natacha (centre, striped sweater) is DIR's nutritionist. In addition to giving Health Promoters lectures on the relationships between nutrition and health, she demonstrates to the HPs nutritious meals made from seasonal produce that residents can buy from street vendors, at local shops or at the Friday night market. The menu here is spicy potatoes wrapped in a spinach leaf and dipped in chickpea flour batter before being deep fried. She plans each meal carefully so that the total cost is no more than 2 rupees per person.

The HPs demonstrate the same meals to their area residents, explaining both the cooking processes and the nutritional benefits of various ingredients. The demos are hugely popular, but also strategically planned in that they are often held in the courtyards of families whose children are most malnourished.

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