Friday, January 8, 2010

Health Promoters at home

For DIR, developing resources within the community is the key to initiating change. All of Health Promoters live in the bustee, many were born in the homes they still share with their families.

DIR's CEO Dr. Frederick Shaw emphasizes two aspects of this model for development. First, people who live in the bustee know the day-to-day problems residents face and are thus best equipped to be facilitators in finding solutions. Second, if DIR were to disappear, the knowledge and skills now available within the bustee - and the relationships with external experts - would not.

What DIR perhaps didn't anticipate is the sense of community pride and empowerment this approach would engender. The community is quick to point out many positive changes since DIR arrived and holds the HPs in high regard. Several people commented that, after decades of living in the bustee, this is the first time they feel an organization has demonstrated that it really cares about their long-term well-being. They have begun to appreciate their own value and are inspired to care more for themselves.

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